Your Flavoured Latte Could Be Pouring On The Pounds!

Avoid ‘pouring on the pounds’.

Rethink your drink.

Drinking kilojoules like the kind found in flavoured coffees is the last thing you need when you’re trying to lose weight and increase energy.

A few coffee facts:

- A regular cuppacino with a teaspoon of sugar provides about 300 kJ (75 cal)

- Mega coffees, hot chocolate or chai teas can contain up to 1000 kJ (250 cal)

- Flavoured lattes contain extra concentrated syrup, which can double the amount of sugar and kilojoules. Honey is more concentrated than sugar and can easily add another 50% more energy to your drink.

What to choose? 

- Ask for “skinny” version so fat free milk is used.

- Go easy on the added syrups.

- Choose the smaller size, don’t simply supersize or don’t go for grande!

- Have an equal volume of water along with your coffee.


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