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My area of expertise is working with managers and executives creating resilient high performance leaders and teams.

To compliment this passion I am also able and eager to work with you and your organization in the following areas:


 “Content strategy plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.” Kristina Halvorson

Mediocre content execution is not just mediocre – it has a direct impact on sales and brand perception. A company that uses a well-executed content strategy and fills knowledge gaps will help the consumer understand their products. This has a distinct advantage – an environment of trust is created and people buy from companies they trust.

As a published author and regular media contributor I am eager and able to develop content for various wellness related projects, including:

  • websites
  • blog
  • newsletters
  • campaigns
  • product launches
  • video clips
  • interviews for all media
  • internal and media publications

Some of the current media work I have done includes: 

Longevity Magazine: monthly ‘Weight Loss Coach’ column 2011 – 2014

Dischem Benefits Magazine: quarterly column 2009 – current

Business Day health News: various 2010 – 2013

Book: Fast Food for Sustained Energy is a realistic and practical guide for people who need to eat on the run. This BESTSELLING book is aimed at active, on-the-go people, executives, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to be healthy, full of energy and keep their weight under control. It contains many tips about eating on the run. Also easy recipes for quick breakfast, lunch, snack and supper ideas. The Portion Distortion chapter highlights how to practically eat out of home and manage portion sizes. The book includes checklists for label reading, shopping lists and work-week meal plans.

The book is also available in Afrikaans as Kos in ‘in Kits Vir Volgehoue Energie.


I have worked on many exciting projects for corporate work place as well as public campaigns. As a health professional and registered dietician I can assist with developing evidence-based content. My skills as a professional speaker enable me to present scientific content in an engaging memorable manner.

Some of the projects I have been involved with include: 

GSK – Launch of weight loss product (2010)

Novo nordisk – Diabetes Month Daily Victory campaign (2013)

Three Cities Exceptional Performance Roadshow (2013)


Energy is contagious. If you are a leader then your energy is disproportionately contagious by virtue of your influence. Physical energy is the most important for achieving full engagement in life. Without it you would not be able to optimise your other energy related resources such as mental or emotional energy.

Avoid fatigue and burn out. Enable full engagement and lasting performance, physically, emotionally and mentally*.

Performance Chemistry for leaders delivers tangible practical skills to assist managers and executives to ignite sustainable behaviour shifts. Drawing on the multidisciplinary science of high performance, Performance Chemistry provides a detailed blueprint of actionable strategies that provide sustainable energy managemnet and resilience.

Some of the leadership teams I work with: 

Gordon Institute of Business Science – GIBS (2006 – current)

Nedbank Branch Banking EXCO team (2012 – current)

Academy for Chief Executives – ACE UK (2006 – current)

*Reference: What keeps CEOS Up at Night? CEODaily (September 2013)


I have worked with many work place eateries implementing the following:

  • Onsite meeting with role players and assessment
  • Analysis of current meal offerings and consumer surveys
  • Development of suitable meal plans and recipes
  • Training and consulting service providers
  • Education and awareness campaign eg: Lunch ‘n Learn sessions.
  • Quality control
  • Behavioural change programmes


“By securing talented and informative speakers, staff will have the distinct privilege of learning how to eat better and be healthier without having to leave the workplace.”    WELCOA

I would be delighted to help you incorporate educational and engaging interventions at your wellness day.

 Opportunities for wellness days:

  • Exciting pre-screening smart phone application
  • Professional group talks and workshops
  • Nutrition-related interactive displays
  • Motivational interviewing by registered dieticians

A word from the Harvard School of Public Health … 

“Aside from not smoking, the most important determinants of good health are what we eat and how active we are.”


Nutrition plays a critical role in employee health. Therefore, effective corporate wellness programs must focus on nutrition.


It is good to know … Corporate wellness nutrition programs that rely on Registered Dietitians tend to be the most evidence-based nutrition programs available. Registered Dietitians are nutritionists but not all nutritionists are Registered Dietitians.

Attached is my most recent CV and biography. 

I would love to hear from you. Let’s chat over coffee about how I can add value to your leadership team and your organization.