Wellness Items You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without!

Always TiredMake it easier to stay on track with your wellness goals by being a little more creative about the space you spend most of your time in … Many of us spend a lot of time behind a desk or driving in a car. With proper preparation and imagination, you can take a healthy lifestyle with you on the road or to your office space.

Ensure that you don’t leave home without these items and create your own wellness wheels or harmonious hub.

Foods That Give You Energy:

  • Smart snack pack – Try to keep a supply of non perishable snacks for those days when you run late or have the munchies. Smart snack ideas include packs of dried fruit, trail mix, raw nuts, lean biltong, low GI biscuits, vacuum pack tuna, health bars, protein shake supplement etc.
  • Water – The effect of dehydration is real so before a headache and energy slump affect your afternoon performance, keep water in sight so that it is in mind. Tip: Freeze water bottles overnight for hot summer days.
  • Cooler box – get really smart and purchase a cooler bag that keeps cool by plugging into your car lighter.

For Body:

  • Hand resistance muscle activator to stimulate circulation and release tension. Especially easy to use if you have an automatic vehicle or for when you are sitting in traffic or talking on the telephone.
  • Warm pack – keep one that is manually activated when required – great for placing over your lower back or shoulders while driving or sitting for long periods.
  • A stretch theraband – A rubber stretch band that provides resistance using your body weight as leverage.  They are easy to use, cost effective, light and convenient! Make sure you do a few exercises at your regular pit stops or if you arrive early at a client. Get one at your closest sports store or order from www.lifeandsoul.co.za today.
  • Sunscreen – UV rays make it through the windscreen so remember to put sunscreen on your hands too!
  • Aroma Dough – The Touch Tonic for  “hands-on” stress release. With each silky soft squeeze the calming oils are released and absorbed by the hands and through inhalation. A must have for your sales mobile. For more information contact ann@aromadough.co.za
  • Car Seat Massager – A real treat! Hit two birds with one stone. A relaxing massage to relieve the tension as traffic builds, to and from work or on long drives.
  • Be NEAT! Small consistent movements or non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) are small movements such as, tapping your feet, stretching your legs or activating your core (tummy) muscles. These short bursts of exercise while you drive or sit in traffic can be an easy way to keep alert and increase your metabolism.

For Mind:

  • Audio books – Have some trade material or a book that you need to read – why not listen to the audio version on CD or download motivational podcasts?
  • Music! An absolute must have. Keep a variety depending on your mood … calming and relaxing or vibey and invigorating!
  • Notes of lavender or jasmine –  Keep a fabric softener refill pack under your seat or in your door panel. There are various aromas and brands available.
  • Digital voice recorder so that you never forget great sales prospecting ideas or keep a record of personal reminders.
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