WELLCULATOR scoring tool

WELLCULATOR – 10 Easy steps to get you fit, trim and rearing to go!

The WellculatorTM is a tool to help you become aware of basic steps that you can apply in your daily routine that will help boost your energy levels, improve your health and help you to lose weight.


Answer each question honestly, yes or no. Each ‘yes’ is 1 point.

No points for ‘no’.

Are you a strategic refueler, grazing, not gorging? I.e. do you eat smart snacks or light meals every few hours?
Do you eat balanced meals and manage portion sizes?
Do you have a balanced breakfast within 2 hours of waking on most days?
Do you have at least 5 servings of fruit and/or vegetables almost every day?
Are you adequately hydrated? Do you consume enough water each day?
Are you aware of beverages containing alcohol, caffeine and kilojoules and keep them within healthy recommendations?
Are you fat smart, reducing harmful fats in your diet and eating adequate amounts of the healthy fats?
Do you maintain a healthy body weight?
Do you do daily intentional exercise and breathe correctly?
Are you a non-smoker and do you monitor your health on a regular basis?

 What was your score?

0-4: Time to start making some changes.

5-7: Well done! There’s still room for improvement though.

8-10:Now we’re talking!

You can also download a pdf version of the Wellculator here: 00_A4-Wellculator-card[1]

Answering “yes” to as many of the ten points will put you well on the road to increased energy, better health and a leaner waistline too. If you would like more information and tips to help you set yourself up for success and increase your WELLCULATOR score then please sign up and watch the free videos at www.wellculator.com.

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