Top Tips For Making Succulent Smoothies

Smoothies make for great meals on-the-run and quick, healthy breakfasts! While they are quick and easy to make, the trick is to get the nutrient and energy balance just right.
Top Tips for making Balanced and Healthy Smoothies

  • Use minimal amounts of fruit juice, if any, as fruit juice is very concentrated.
  • Peel fruit only when necessary (eg. citrus fruits, banana and pineapple). Chopped fruit and berries can be frozen for easy year round availability and convenience.
  • Fruit and yoghurt provide enough carbohydrate in a smoothie and therefore it is not necessary to add a starch. If you prefer to have some extra fibre in your smoothie, add 2-3 T of oats, oat bran or digestive bran.
  • Add low fat/fat free yoghurt or milk, protein powder or egg to provide the protein.
  • A small portion of healthy fat such as nuts, seeds, peanut butter, avocado or oil (macadamia, avocado, olive, omega rich oil etc.) can be added if the protein used is fat free.
  • Adding ice cubes is a great way to add volume without adding additional kilojoules.
  • If your smoothie is too thick, simply add water.
  • Smoothies need to be consumed as soon as possible. If you can’t drink it immediately, pour into a water bottle to drink
  • on the run.
  • Keep your blender within easy access on the counter top, not packed in the cupboard and definitely not in the box! That way you’ll be more likely to enjoy a quick smoothie on your way to work rather than skipping breakfast altogether.
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