The Intelligent And Safe Way To Detox

Healthy FoodsSome ‘detox’ programmes are little more than fad diets or fasts misleading you into thinking you will lose weight through a ‘system spring-clean’.
Your body has a natural in-built detox system (made up of the digestive tract, the urinary system and the liver) that helps to process all the chemicals modern life throws at you. Ideally you should be eating a healthy balanced diet most of the time so an actual ‘detox’ would not be necessary or beneficial.
Eliminating lots of different foods all at once is a pretty drastic change, so any ‘detox’ has to be done carefully in order to be safe. By cutting out whole food groups, consuming just liquids or simply fasting will force your body into “starvation mode”.  Your metabolism will slow down and once you go off the ‘detox’ and back to eating again, you end up gaining weight!
A ‘detox’ type approach may have benefits if it gets you thinking about how eating habits affect your health and wellbeing. It should encourage you to make a special effort to change your eating habits and to cut down on fatty, salty and sugary foods and to eat more fruit and vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and fish. It should also inspire you to drink more water and to cut back on caffeine and alcohol. And it could give you a ‘I’m taking charge of my health’ buzz, which boosts self-esteem, confidence and motivation to follow a healthy lifestyle.
There are vegetables that are known to enhance the detoxification process so including these may be beneficial:

Cruciferous vegetables: Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, kohlrabi, turnips, watercress.
Allium vegetables : chives, garlic, leeks, onions, spring onions, green onions, shallots.
Diuretic foods: cucumber, celery, cranberries, watermelon, parsley, fennel, celery, green beans, asparagus.
A healthy food list guide to plan healthy meals if you plan to do a ‘detox’:
STEP ONE: Two fistfuls of fruit, salad and/or vegetables (all – include a cruciferous, allium and diuretic vegetables as much as possible)
STEP TWO: One fistful of low GI, higher fibre carbohydrate (legumes, beans, lentils, barley, sweet potato, oats, sweet corn, wheat free bread)
STEP THREE: One small portion of a healthy fat (nuts, seeds, olives, avocado, cold pressed oils).
Drink enough water and/or herbal teas.
A ‘detox’ should not be a quick fix to weight loss but rather a little kickstart in the right direction to get back on track after over indulging or before starting a healthier eating plan. Be realistic with your weight loss goals and aim for safe and healthy weight loss of 0.5 kg to 1 kg per week.
If you suffer from any illnesses, are pregnant, or have problems such as heart disease, diabetes, low blood sugar and kidney problems please consult your doctor or dietitian before doing any ‘detox’ plan.


  1. says

    Weightloss please allow. ?I have a baby in July I gained three stone with my pregnancy.. Prior to it I was 9St 4lbs I breast fed my boy or girl till 2/3 wks ago. I have been caught at 10st lbs for about 6-8 wks now. I have been consuming effectively and I do body overcome twice a wk and still absolutely nothing. I’m Hypothyroid but my ranges are stable. So why the sudden halt in my weightloss. I just cannot shift it. Any tips

    • Celynn Erasmus says

      Hi there

      Because of the hypothyroidism and recent pregnancy I would seriously suggest that you consider seeing a dietitian in person. That way she or he will be able to fully assess your lifestyle, current medical condition and most importantly, your eating habits too.

  2. says

    No matter what type of diet you are on, if you go right back to your old eating habits, you are bound to gain weight back. This is also true with liquid protein diets. But, that having been said, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try one of these diets. You just need to be sensible about it. If you are eating healthily while you are dieting, why wouldn’t you want to keep on this track after you have lost the weight? If you want to maintain your new weight, you need to be willing to work for it.

  3. says

    I agree with your idea that detox need not be drastic, a slow and gradual change in your eating pattern should be done or else as you had said that after going into detox you end up gaining weight again.

  4. flagyl says

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  5. says

    When some of us decide to lose weight, we seem to imagine that we will become a completely different person, but losing weight alone will not change the person we are. Yes, being slim will transform the way we look, the way our clothes fit, and probably how we feel, but that is the extent of it. Nothing else in our lives or anything else about ourselves personally will have changed. This may be very disappointing for those of us that believe losing weight will solve all our personal or physical problems, or change our lives in any way.

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