Smoothie Recipe and NutriBullet DISCOUNT

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Healthy, convenient and portable, smoothies make for ideal fuel-on-the-go. All it takes is a blender and a few key ingredients in your refrigerator. We spend money on gadgets, clothes, eating out and other luxuries so, if you can afford it, investing in your health by buying a quality juicer or blender is totally worth it! […]

Feeling stress rich and time poor?


In today’s world, it seems that we are living our lives in an energy crisis; in more ways than one. We work longer hours and juggle many more balls each day, making us stress-rich, yet time-poor. This is one of the contributing factors towards poor lifestyle choices. Even though there is more information on health […]

Fight Fatigue – Five Ways To Instantly Get More Energy


Managing your PHYSIOLOGY (energy) is vital for managing your PRODUCTIVITY (getting things done) and achieving your PURPOSE! 5 Innovative ways to fight fatigue: 1. Listen to a song that makes you want to jump up and dance! 2. Splash your face with cold water. And drink a glass while you’re at it. 3. Brush your […]

9 Tips For High Powered Lunches For Busy People

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Many of us may have unwittingly fallen into the pattern of missing meals in the day and then overcompensating with large evening meals and late night nibbling. Instead of missing meals, why not think about having a more substantial meal at midday, instead of very late in the evening? Why is this a good idea? […]

4 Emergency Lunch Supplies To Keep In Your Drawer


Most of our working days are so hectic that we hardly have time to take time out to eat lunch, let alone go buy lunch. And nine times out of ten, the most convenient options are not always the healthiest. By keeping a few emergency supplies in your desk drawer you can always be sure […]

Our Daily Bread

Bread is a staple food for so many of us. Just this weekend I found myself enjoying sliced ciabatta dipped in olive oil, toasted rye with grilled mushrooms and fresh naan bread with spicy chicken, and I declined a fresh boerewors roll at the afternoon braai. So, clearly bread creeps into our diets and easily […]

Winter Warmer Breakfast – Apple Grill

Need something yummy and warm to eat in the mornings? Something that will fill you up and is also good for you? This is one of my favorite breakfasts. I know you’re going to think I am crazy (what with adding fruit to bread and other interesting ingredients) but hey, why not just give it […]

5 Savvy Snacks That Fit Into Your Handbag!

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5 Savvy Snacks Have you ever stood in front of a vending machine trying to figure out which of the items on display will be the lesser evil? Finding a healthy and nutritious snack on the go can be tricky, but with a little forward planning you can avoid this conundrum by keeping a few […]

5 Foods You Should Eat Every Day

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There are a multitude of foods that are fabulous for your health, but let’s face it: it’s simply impossible to eat a portion of each every single day! That is why I’ve identified 5 key foods that will help boost your energy levels and generally improve your health when you include them in your daily […]

5 Healthy Ways To Perk Up In The PM

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We all know the feeling. Everything is going fine until bam! 15h00 hits and you would easily sell your own grandma for a packet of crisps. Here are five quick to tips to help you increase your energy without compromising any healthy habits: 1. Take a deep breath Slumped over in front of a computer […]