8 Tips To Manage Vending Machine Temptations!


We all know what a saving grace the vending machine, office trolley or tuck shop can seem to be on a busy day!  When your day is filled with business appointments, work deadlines and other commitments, keeping to healthy eating habits can be an extreme challenge. Although the vending machine, office trolley or tuck shop [...]

Quick Recipe Idea: Beetroot, Pear & Biltong Salad

Energy 1 631 kJ; carbohydrate 43 g; fibre 11 g; protein 22 g; fat 13 g; 1. Toss together 5 quartered precooked baby beetroot (150g), a handful of cherry tomatoes, a handful of baby mushrooms and 1 peeled and cubed pear. 2. Top with 2 T (Tablespoon) shredded lean biltong. 3. Crumble ¼ (OK so maybe [...]

9 Tips For High Powered Lunches For Busy People

Gone to lunch sign

Many of us may have unwittingly fallen into the pattern of missing meals in the day and then overcompensating with large evening meals and late night nibbling. Instead of missing meals, why not think about having a more substantial meal at midday, instead of very late in the evening? Why is this a good idea? [...]

A Busy Persons Guide To Preparing Healthy Meals – 5 Top Tips

Pesto tomatoes

Taking short cuts in the kitchen doesn’t mean shortchanging your health! Enjoying healthy balanced meals is a must if you want to manage your health and maybe lose some weight too. As a busy person your emphasis should be less about preparation and cooking and more about assembling meals that are not only easy and [...]

Table Tweating – 8 Steps To Determine Whether Social Media Advice Is Legitimate


The Internet is replete with erroneous information about what and how to eat in order to maintain health. Just as credentialed professionals can easily post, tweet, or blog nutrition information, so can those without the appropriate expertise. And since nutrition is such a hot topic, there are many social network users posting inaccurate advice. There’s [...]

4 Emergency Lunch Supplies To Keep In Your Drawer


Most of our working days are so hectic that we hardly have time to take time out to eat lunch, let alone go buy lunch. And nine times out of ten, the most convenient options are not always the healthiest. By keeping a few emergency supplies in your desk drawer you can always be sure [...]

4 Steps To Balancing Any Meal … Any Time

plate model

Enjoying healthy balanced meals is a must if you want to manage your health, maximise your energy levels and maybe lose some weight too. These four steps ensure that your meal, be it breakfast, lunch or a light dinner, is made up of various food groups and various nutrients too. Preparing a balanced meal in [...]

Are Your Tight Jeans Caused By Your Genes?

best detox diet

Is DNA the new diet ABC? Ever wonder why some families are just “naturally skinny” while others are more robust all round? Is this simply due to lifestyle choices and eating habits? Why is it then that even though you follow the exact same diet and exercise regime as your friend, she’s already hit her [...]

A Sandwich Has 2 Parts… Our Daily Bread (Part 2)

Is toast your regular breakfast choice? Do you find yourself grabbing a sandwich on-the-go because you don’t have time for anything else or it is all that is available? Bread is an easy,  convenient (and yummy) choice  BUT if you want to keep your energy levels up and your weight down, it will help to know how much of [...]

Our Daily Bread

Bread is a staple food for so many of us. Just this weekend I found myself enjoying sliced ciabatta dipped in olive oil, toasted rye with grilled mushrooms and fresh naan bread with spicy chicken, and I declined a fresh boerewors roll at the afternoon braai. So, clearly bread creeps into our diets and easily [...]