#EatLikeAnArtist Recipe Series: Beetroot Hummus


Turn your plate into a colour palette! The stuff that colours vegetables and fruits are called “bio-active compounds”, containing  a bunch of goodness proven to keep you living longer with vitality. I love the twist on regular hummus (pronounced ‘goomis’) . So easy to make and just so great to have in the fridge for a […]

5 Savvy Snacks That Fit Into Your Handbag!

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5 Savvy Snacks Have you ever stood in front of a vending machine trying to figure out which of the items on display will be the lesser evil? Finding a healthy and nutritious snack on the go can be tricky, but with a little forward planning you can avoid this conundrum by keeping a few […]

Summer Mint Couscous

SUMMER MINT COUSCOUS – Simple Healthy Recipes 175g Couscous 100ml Orange juice 100ml Hot vegetable stock 50g Sun dried tomatoes, in vinegar 125ml (1/2 cup) Mint leaves, chopped 30g Almonds, flaked 1/2  Green pepper, chopped 1/2 Red pepper, chopped 1 small red apple, grated or chopped 30ml pepperdews, finely chopped 10 Whole Black calamata olives, […]

Smoothie Recipe: MANGOLICIOUS

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Healthy Smoothie Recipes: MANGOLICIOUS 150 g fresh mango (1 small or ½ large) OR 10 strips dried mango, rehydrated in water 100 g pineapple (1 x 2 ½ cm slice) 100 ml low fat plain yoghurt 50 ml fat free (skim) milk (3 T) 5 ml sesame seeds (1 t) 5 ml linseeds (1 t) […]

Smoothie Recipe: SIZZLING SUNSET

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Healthy Smoothie Recipes: SIZZLING SUNSET 1 medium pawpaw, peeled, no pips (150 g) 1 kiwi fruit, peeled (65g) 50 ml fruit juice (3 T) 14 cashews, raw (20g) 30 ml protein powder Ice cubes, optional Place all the ingredients in a blender and whiz until smooth. Nice to know: This is a dairy-free smoothie provided […]

Smoothie Recipe: PEANUT POWER

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Healthy Smoothie Recipes: PEANUT POWER 1 small apple (75g) 30 g muesli, low GI (2 T) 6 T fat free (skim) milk 75 ml fat free vanilla yoghurt (5 T) 10 g peanut butter (1 rounded t) Ice cubes, optional Place all the ingredients in a blender and whiz until smooth. Nice to know: Fat […]

Top Tips For Making Succulent Smoothies

Smoothies make for great meals on-the-run and quick, healthy breakfasts! While they are quick and easy to make, the trick is to get the nutrient and energy balance just right. Top Tips for making Balanced and Healthy Smoothies Use minimal amounts of fruit juice, if any, as fruit juice is very concentrated. Peel fruit only when necessary (eg. […]

Eat Yourself Smart

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“It is the mind that makes the body rich.” Shakespeare Your brain chemical messengers such as adrenalin, dopamine and serotonin are made from nutrients derived from your diet. Out of sight, out of mind certainly applies as without the correct nutrients, your brain chemistry will be negatively affected!  Boost your mental performance by eating some […]