Summer Mint Couscous

SUMMER MINT COUSCOUS – Simple Healthy Recipes

175g Couscous
100ml Orange juice
100ml Hot vegetable stock
50g Sun dried tomatoes, in vinegar
125ml (1/2 cup) Mint leaves, chopped
30g Almonds, flaked
1/2  Green pepper, chopped
1/2 Red pepper, chopped
1 small red apple, grated or chopped
30ml pepperdews, finely chopped
10 Whole Black calamata olives, sliced
Mix couscous, orange juice and hot vegetable stock and leave aside for 15 minutes.
In the mean time prepare salad ingredients.
With a fork “fluff” the couscous and add all the ingredients stirring gently¬†until well mixed.
Serve as a side salad at braais or barbeques or as a quick lunch on the run or light meal!


    • Anonymous says

      Such a pleasure … Lets share all ideas that can help save us time while not compromising on health and energy!

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