Best Selling Book – Fast Food for Sustained Energy

Healthy Food

Fast Food for Sustained Energy is a realistic and practical guide for people who need to eat on the run. This book is aimed at active, on-the-go people, executives, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to be healthy, full of energy and keep their weight under control. It contains countless tips about eating on the run and easy recipes for quick breakfast, lunch, snack and supper ideas. The Portion Distortion chapter highlights how to practically eat out of home and manage portion sizes. Also includes checklists for label reading, shopping lists and work week meal plans.

“Hi Celynn, your book is awesome!  I have lost 1.5 kgs in the first week and have been loving the recipes and ideas in the book!  I have experienced increased energy levels and a more positive frame of mind!  Thank you so much – your book has changed my life!” 

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