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When cultivating a healthy lifestyle and slimmer waistline, excess alcoholic beverages do not usually feature in the equation. However, you can still have a drink or two without it derailing all your efforts.

Wine portion distortion. Watch out for over pouring. It’s especially easy to overdo it with vino, given that the average wineglass these days looks big enough to hold a school of fish. Strictly speaking a bottle of wine should serve six and not four, making the serving size 125 ml and not 200 ml.

Did you know:

• A large glass of wine is equivalent to almost two slices of white bread.

• All types of wine are similar to each other as the sugar difference is at most 2 g of sugar per large glass of wine and the alcohol content is about the same.

• Lite wines may contain less alcohol and/or energy but the difference is usually too small to make an impact on total daily energy intakes.

• Since wine contains more alcohol than beer, one 200 ml glass of wine contains about the same amount of alcohol as a 330 ml beer.

• A glass of red wine contains cardio-protective compounds and may be the better choice of wine.

• To save on the kilojoules, wine can be diluted to make a Catemba or spritzer using a sugar free mixer or soda water making two drinks instead of one. Alternatively, keep adding lots of ice to your glass instead of more wine.

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