Nudges and Manchester Munchies


Like myself just over a month ago, you were possibly indulging in the slower pace of what the last week of December usually brings.

At the end of each year I spend some time thinking about what my personal theme for the year ahead will be … it was an easy realization  as I walked along the contour path of Table Mountain watching the butterflies flutter over the fynbos …
My theme for 2015 will be “NUDGE”.
Like an elephant that gently nudges a tree with the ability to level it down if it so chooses.
Thanks to Clay Café in Hout Bay I now have a breakfast plate (pictured below) to remind me daily about my intention!
I would really like to know … share your theme or intention for this year at
Manchester motorway munchies …
What I’ve learned this year, once again, is that the smallest strategies towards preparation can really be life saving. While working in the UK last week, a trip that was meant to take 2 hours took almost 5 (Birmingham road works aaarrg) … Thank goodness I had dried pineapple and spiced nuts in the car. These little morsels kept me sane when my stomach felt like it would turn on itself.
If this is the one ‘nudge’ I encourage you to put into practice this year, it is to not underestimate the power that a few simple strategic snacks (kept close at hand) can have in emergencies such as 3 hour traffic jams!
Nudge yourself to keep strategic snacks in your car, desk drawer or handbag because you never know where the next traffic jam is lurking! More snack ideas here –

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