How to Have Your Bread and Eat It


I recently spent the morning outside an artisan bakery in Paris, where the majority of people were filling the role of stereotype by leaving with some baguettes in tow. What struck me was that almost all of those people broke off the end of the bread and ate it leisurely on the walk home. That […]

Champagne Campaign – Lead Self in Health

superhero businessman looking at city

Life is all about transactions. When I say that, I’m not just talking about buying essentials like red wine and chocolate (though let’s be honest, they’re on the list), I’m really emphasising those transactions we make where the currency is our own time or energy. Those two precious commodities are the most valuable currency we […]

Champagne Campaign – Sneakers & Solitude


I’ve been in Paris for a week and according to my fancy wrist-wearable gadget that counts every step I take, I’ve averaged over 15 000 each day. That’s pretty good considering the general recommendation is that we get the equivalent of 10 000 steps a day. For more insight into where the recommendation for 10 000 steps […]