Smoothie Recipe and NutriBullet DISCOUNT

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Healthy, convenient and portable, smoothies make for ideal fuel-on-the-go. All it takes is a blender and a few key ingredients in your refrigerator. We spend money on gadgets, clothes, eating out and other luxuries so, if you can afford it, investing in your health by buying a quality juicer or blender is totally worth it! […]

Brain fitness: Stay sharp

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Advances in neuroscience suggest that we can be as competent at 60 as we were at 24 years of age. Isn’t that marvellous news? If keeping physically fit tones your muscles, then keeping cognitively fit will give you the capacity to meet the various mental demands of life, such as learning new things, understanding the […]

5 Ways To Eat For High Energy

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Choosing the right fuel is not always easy, but with a little insight, inspiration and initiative you can, and will, increase your energy and overall health, and you may even lose some of that extra weight you’ve been wanting to get rid of. Eating right should not be about deprivation or difficulty. It should be […]

Feeling stress rich and time poor?


In today’s world, it seems that we are living our lives in an energy crisis; in more ways than one. We work longer hours and juggle many more balls each day, making us stress-rich, yet time-poor. This is one of the contributing factors towards poor lifestyle choices. Even though there is more information on health […]

Workplace Wellness: From Perk to Priority

Watch 1 minute overview here - Wellness From Perk To Priority It seems as though individuals, families and businesses worldwide are becoming increasingly time-poor and stress-rich.  Life and business are being conducted at such a rapid pace that in the face of constantly being under pressure to perform at high speeds, maximum efficiency and without regular, […]

Eat Like A Roman


The Mediterranean Diet  Want to live a longer healthier life? Don’t restrict entire food groups. Be balanced. The Mediterranean approach to eating, places emphasis on small portions and freshness as well as the pleasure of eating. It also meets another important Food guideline: Have fun: eat with enjoyment and gratitude to feel nourished. 8 ways […]

Fight Fatigue – Five Ways To Instantly Get More Energy


Managing your PHYSIOLOGY (energy) is vital for managing your PRODUCTIVITY (getting things done) and achieving your PURPOSE! 5 Innovative ways to fight fatigue: 1. Listen to a song that makes you want to jump up and dance! 2. Splash your face with cold water. And drink a glass while you’re at it. 3. Brush your […]