Healthy Meal Choices
You’ve heard it before – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Miss breakfast and you’ll need to make up an additional quarter (25%) of your daily nutrient needs!
Breakfast is vital to starting your day on a firm footing and getting the competitive edge. Eating a nutritious, balanced breakfast within 2 hours or so of waking will:
• Provide you with sustained energy and enhanced mental performance.
• Help you experience less food cravings.
• Raise your metabolism significantly, assisting with weight loss and weight management.
What’s holding you back from a sunny side up start? Do you miss this all-important meal? If your answer is YES, than take a look at some of the reasons why you may be missing the most strategic meal of the day and take note of at least one of the practical strategies that may help you get that early morning competitive edge.
  • There’s just no time!
A healthy breakfast can take less than a few minutes to prepare. Making a smoothie, for example, can take less than 120 seconds and it can easily be consumed in the car while driving to work.
  • I’m not hungry
If you constantly wake up without eating you will ‘train’ your body not to be hungry. Rather opt for something light and easy such as a piece of fruit or even a small fruit smoothie. Do this on a regular basis and you will find your morning appetite reappearing, reminding you to have the most important meal of the day.
  • I am nauseous in the early morning
It is not necessary to eat as soon as you are dressed. As long as your breakfast is within 2 hours of waking, your body will be getting the necessary fuel it needs to optimize functioning on all levels.
  • When I eat breakfast I am constantly hungry
This is a common occurrence in our modern times of highly refined breakfast foods. The secret is to choose those breakfast foods that are absorbed slowly and steadily throughout the morning, rather than the refined, fast release cereals so readily available today. Always add a protein to breakfast. It helps to balance blood sugar levels and to keep you energized for longer.  A healthy appetite is a good sign – it usually means your metabolism is increasing and the correct response is to eat small regular meals throughout the day, starting with a delicious quick breakfast.
  • Eating breakfast will make me gain weight
In fact, the opposite is true – breakfast can help with weight loss. After a nights sleep, the body needs food to “break” the overnight  “fast” and kick-start the metabolism.  This increase in metabolism can assist with weight control. Breakfast eaters also experience less food cravings, enabling them to make smarter food and portion choices throughout the day.

If there are other reasons that make having breakfast a challenge for you then be sure to share them with me so that I can try assist!

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