How to Have Your Bread and Eat It


I recently spent the morning outside an artisan bakery in Paris, where the majority of people were filling the role of stereotype by leaving with some baguettes in tow. What struck me was that almost all of those people broke off the end of the bread and ate it leisurely on the walk home. That […]

Champagne Campaign – Lead Self in Health

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Life is all about transactions. When I say that, I’m not just talking about buying essentials like red wine and chocolate (though let’s be honest, they’re on the list), I’m really emphasising those transactions we make where the currency is our own time or energy. Those two precious commodities are the most valuable currency we […]

Champagne Campaign – Sneakers & Solitude


I’ve been in Paris for a week and according to my fancy wrist-wearable gadget that counts every step I take, I’ve averaged over 15 000 each day. That’s pretty good considering the general recommendation is that we get the equivalent of 10 000 steps a day. For more insight into where the recommendation for 10 000 steps […]

Champagne Campaign – Arrival


When I finally landed on 1 May after a long flight, it was to cloudless sky but a chilly 4°C welcome. Perhaps my idea of Paris in Spring will need to be complemented with thicker leggings and a new coat. A French colleague I first met just two weeks ago insisted on meeting me at […]

Smoothie Recipe and NutriBullet DISCOUNT

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Healthy, convenient and portable, smoothies make for ideal fuel-on-the-go. All it takes is a blender and a few key ingredients in your refrigerator. We spend money on gadgets, clothes, eating out and other luxuries so, if you can afford it, investing in your health by buying a quality juicer or blender is totally worth it! […]

Nudges and Manchester Munchies


Like myself just over a month ago, you were possibly indulging in the slower pace of what the last week of December usually brings. At the end of each year I spend some time thinking about what my personal theme for the year ahead will be … it was an easy realization  as I walked along the contour […]

Brain fitness: Stay sharp

Food for thought

Advances in neuroscience suggest that we can be as competent at 60 as we were at 24 years of age. Isn’t that marvellous news? If keeping physically fit tones your muscles, then keeping cognitively fit will give you the capacity to meet the various mental demands of life, such as learning new things, understanding the […]

5 Ways To Eat For High Energy

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Choosing the right fuel is not always easy, but with a little insight, inspiration and initiative you can, and will, increase your energy and overall health, and you may even lose some of that extra weight you’ve been wanting to get rid of. Eating right should not be about deprivation or difficulty. It should be […]