7 Must-Have Winter Snack Ideas

When the cravings strike (no matter the season), be sure that you are prepared.

These ideas will warm your tummy without filling out your waistline!

  1. A cup of vegetable soup, ideally home-made, is an excellent nutritious winter snack. Use fat-free milk to make cream of vegetable soups and add fat-free yoghurt instead of cream.
  2. Snack on left-over roast veggies when you feel peckish. Warm them up quickly in a mug or bowl in a microwave.
  3. Top a small slice of ryebread or a few ryvitas or provitas with some avocado, fish paste, cottage cheese, pesto or a little bit of lower fat cheese grilled in microwave or oven.
  4. Heat a third of a cup of baked beans, sweetcorn or peas in the microwave and add a dash of mustard, tomato sauce, sweet chilli sauce or low fat mayonnaise.
  5. Top a few pieces of dried fruit such as pear halves, turkish apricots, peaches or mango strips with a slice of goats, camembert or blue cheese for a tangy snack.
  6. Gently fry a handful of cherry tomatoes in some balsamic vinegar, season to taste with herb salt and enjoy!
  7. Keep healthier options close at hand in your handbag or desk drawer for easy access such as home made popcorn, fresh fruit, dried fruit, stewed fruit, nuts or lean biltong

Snack kebabs

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