3 Winning Strategies For Battling Buffets


If you eat on the run then you are surely confronted with buffet settings – be it at a restaurant, hotel, cocktail or networking event or perhaps socialising with friends and family over the weekend.

Research proves time and again that many of us will eat more when we see more food. We will also consume much more than we need if we are served larger portions or eat mindlessly.

So what? Well an annual buffet overindulgence wont do any harm but more often than that and your energy levels and your waistline will start telling you something is wrong!

Minimize the calorie collateral damage by using these 3 Winning Strategies …

STRATEGY 1: Have a plan of action.

Let your head rule your stomach, not the other way around. Be aware of your decision to make healthier choices, to not fill up on everything, do eat slowly, and drink lots of water between courses. Remember, it isn’t necessary to sample everything that is on offer as most things permitting, you will have a chance to eat another meal once again.

STRATEGY 2: Scout out the table top territory.

Check your options first. If you begin at one end of the buffet table and dish up while you move steadily along to the other end, your plate will probably end up looking more like Mount Everest than dinner! If something looks completely irresistible or you know that your favourite peppermint crisp dessert is being served, leave room for it by cutting back on your other choices.

STRATEGY 3: Camouflage your plate! 

No matter where you are eating, remember to fill half of your plate with colour from nature’s colour palette: salad or vegetables. Do this first, before you pile on the stew, roast meat or potatoes. Sometimes having a small bite or mouthful is just what we need to satisfy our cravings for certain dishes. Another tip is to fill up a large dinner plate with the color – so lots of veggies and salads. Then take a side plate for the meat, fish or chicken and starch. If you plan to have dessert, skip the starch and this will go a long way towards counteracting the extra kilojoules and calories in your helping of peppermint crisp tart.

 These 3 strategies continue to serve me well (excuse the pun!) … May they do the same for you! 

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