25 Healthy Low Fat Snack Ideas

Healthy Foods
Snacking helps me to manage my energy levels and my appetite! Here are some healthy snacks for weight loss ideas that work for me. All the ideas listed below meet the criteria for smart snacks, therefore each snack contains about 500 kJ and about 5 g of fat.
• Biltong – serving of about 30 g leaner biltong such as ostrich or game.
• Boiled egg  with 3-4 crackers.
• Biscuits, homemade low GI low fat.
• Cereal – mini packet of high fibre cereal such as muesli, about 30 g.
• Cheese and crackers – buy the individual packs of 3 or 4 crackers and use 2 wedges of processed cheese.
• Cheese and fruit – 1 matchbox low fat cheese with one fresh fruit or 2 pieces dried fruit, for example a brie with kiwi slices.
• Cheese and fruit skewers – 2 black grapes per mini mozzarella ball threaded alternately onto a skewer.
• Cheese and veg skewers – 2 cherry tomatoes per mini cheese cube threaded alternately onto a skewer.
• Cold meat and fruit – 1 strip Parma ham wrapped around one melon wedge or 4 shaved turkey slices with 4 prunes or dried apricots.
• Cottage cheese, 3 tablespoons with 5 dried mango strips or fresh kiwi slices.
• Crudités and dip – one to two cups of vegetable crudités with up to six tablespoons of fat free flavoured cottage cheese, tzatziki or reduced fat hummus.
• Dried fruit – serving of about 40 g.
• Drinking yoghurts – fat free, sucrose (sugar) free versions of no more than 300 ml.
• Fresh fruit is best. Single pieces or fruit salad – no more than two tennis balls in size.
• Fruit bars – one dried fruit bar.
• Health bars – to meet the criteria above.
• Nuts or seeds –  one small handful of about 30 g.
• Muffins, homemade low GI low fat.
• Peanut butter, 1 tablespoon with fresh apple wedges, pear or any other piece of fruit.
• Popcorn – two cups popped corn, preferably air-popped or the lower fat version.
• Pretzels – the smallest packet you can get, no more than 50 g.
• Rusks, low GI low fat.
• Salad – one cup of various salads from a salad bar. Stick to those without dressing.
• Stewed dried fruit – half a cup.
• Yoghurt – one small tub flavoured or plain low fat or fat free yoghurt (maximum 175 ml), with berries if desired.

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