10 Top Tips For 10 Minute Meals

Healthy Foods

Chicken Dinner

No time to cook balanced meals? No sweat! Use these tips to help you manage your energy, your health and your waistline, even while on the run!

VEGETABLES and SALADS – Always try fill your plate with lots of colour from fresh fruit, salad or vegetables!

  • Roasting vegetables in larger quantities and keeping them chilled for a few days makes for quick reheating and adding to meals, or for instant use in salads.
  • Keep a good selection on hand of ready-to-eat veggies such as crudités (cherry tomatoes, baby corn, baby carrots, sugar snap peas etc.)
  • Frozen veggies have come a long way – keep a selection in your freezer.
  • Make salads that can keep for a few days such as grated carrot and pineapple, coleslaw etc.
  • Home-made vegetable soups are a smart way to add generous amounts of vegetables to a meal. Make vegetable soups in bulk and freeze in smaller batches.

STARCHES – Add one fistful of starch to each meal.

  • Cooked starches such as rice, pasta, barley and mealies can be cooked in larger quantities and stored in the fridge for up to a week and frozen for up to a month.
  • Tinned legumes and beans make for a fast healthy starch choice.
  • Roasted or mashed sweet potato lasts for a few days in the fridge!

PROTEINS – Add a portion of lean protein to each meal

  • Chicken fillets and hard-boiled eggs can also be prepared in larger quantities and stored in the fridge
  • When cooking savoury mince, make more than is needed. Freeze in smaller portions. Ready-cooked mince can be added to cooked sweet potato or tinned chickpeas, or piled on top of seed loaf toast or into a mini pita pocket with lots of salad vegetables.
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